Why You Need to Choose the Right Type of Lawn for Your Landscaping Project

When you're building a new home, you have a lot to think about, as you focus on design, structure, internal components, appliances and so on. You may be forgiven for considering the lawn as an afterthought and something that you will just seed when the time is right. You do need to focus some of your energy here as well though, because if you don't put down the right type of turf, it's not going to succeed in Australia's harsh climate. What do you need to bear in mind?

Thinking about the Look

Before considering durability, think how important the lawn is going to be in providing the aesthetic look of your finished project. You need to be sure that the lawn will be in its best condition all year round. So, in a residential setting you should pick from one of three options, either Soft Leaf Buffalo, Kikuyu or Zoysia. It's not a good idea to pick Couch, as it's very high maintenance and you will need to keep up with the programme if you're going to avoid any problems.

Where's the Sun?

Next, look at the configuration. Are there any mature trees that could block the sunlight at midday, or does the general aspect face away from the prevalent sun? While almost every type of lawn does well in full glare, others are not so good in heavy shade. Kikuyu, Buffalo, Palmetto grass and Zoysia are good in generally open conditions, but with heavy shade you may need a specialty item such as Dwarf Mondo.

Time of Year

When will you be seeding the lawn, as this can be quite critical in terms of performance and longevity? Spring and summer are the best all-round months for lawn establishment, but if it's winter, then you should choose Kikuyu and avoid Couch or Zoysia.

What Are You Planting in?

Have a word with your landscaping expert to determine what type of soil is beneath. If it's mostly sandy then Zoysia is great, but if it is compact and based on clay then you might want to consider Kikuyu. This latter breed grows fast and will be able to embed itself quite well, as a consequence.

Getting Involved

Finally, determine how much time you want to spend on lawn maintenance. A good all-round choice if you're not "green fingered" is Zoysia, but if you love to be outdoors then something like Kikuyu or Buffalo Turf will be ideal.

Making Your Decision

Many people feel that Palmetto grass is one of the best all-rounders, but if you're not sure, have a word with your supplier to get direction.